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The word "Mishpacha" means "family" and my comic strip follows the exploits of the Kaufman family.  Here you can learn about some of the regular characters.


Benny is the husband of Cheryl and the father of Ylana and Jonah.  He owns and runs “Benny K’s Deli”.  He is proud of what he has built up, but feels that he might have achieved a lot more if he hadn’t always had to put his family first.  Of course, he wouldn’t have.  However, he loves his family and tries to do the best he can for them. 


Cheryl is the wife of Benny, the mother of Ylana and Jonah and the daughter of Morrie and Becky.  She is very protective of all her family and particularly young Jonah.  She helps Benny in the deli and runs the home.  Cheryl is the cornerstone of the family (even though Benny thinks that he is!).


Ylana is Benny and Cheryl’s daughter.  She is at that difficult age.  To be fair, she’s always been at that difficult age.  She is miserable because she can’t seem to get a boyfriend.  Of course, the reason she can’t get a boyfriend is because she’s so miserable and very, very fussy.  She won’t be content until she meets the perfect man of her dreams who will carry her off to a life of luxury.


Jonah is Benny and Cheryl’s son.  He is just coming up to barmitzvah age and is full of wonder for what lies ahead.  He’s an inquisitive boy, but not terribly bright, despite the fact that everyone thinks he will become a doctor (apart from Benny who dreams of leaving his deli ‘empire’ to his son).


Morrie is Cheryl’s father.  He’s an old Jewish man, retired from the schmutter game, and looking for an easy life with enough food and sleep to keep him happy.  He has a tendency to be grumpy at times and often uses his ‘outside voice’ when his ‘inside voice’ would be more appropriate.  His main role is to keep his wife, Becky, happy.  If she’s happy, his life is much easier.


Becky is Cheryl’s mother.  She is very much the archetypal booba – doting on her grandchildren, controlling of her daughter and disapproving of her son-in-law.  She feels that Cheryl could have done much better than Benny.  Benny feels that Cheryl could have done better than Becky as her mother.


Yomtov is the Kaufmans’ pet dog.  Though not born Jewish, he seems to have the traits of a grumpy old Jewish man.  He is bright – probably brighter than Jonah.

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