Glossary of Terms

Some of the terms used in my Mishpacha strip might be unfamiliar to you.  Many are Yiddish or Hebrew terms that have become integrated into normal Jewish conversation, particularly amongst older people who often grew up with grandparents who spoke Yiddish as their first language.

As a word appears in the strip, I will add it to this glossary.  Spellings can differ, so if I don't spell it like you do, sue me!

ALTER COCKER:    A complaining and cantankerous old, Jewish man.
BAGEL:                    (Or Beigel)  A dense bread roll in the shape of a ring.
BARMITZVAH:       A rite of passage for a Jewish boy on becoming a man at the age of 13.
BROCHE:                 A Blessing.
KOSHER:                 Food or premises satisfying the requirements of Jewish law.
MISHPACHA:          Family.
PARSHA:                 The weekly section of The Torah read in Synagogue.
SHIDDUCH:             An arranged marriage.
TORAH:                   The Hebrew scroll containing Jewish Laws from the first 5 books of The Bible.

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