Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Welcome To My Family!

Hi there friends.  You may or may not have seen my Mishpacha comic strip running weekly in London's Jewish News newspaper.  If you have, I hope you've enjoyed it.  If you're new to the strip, I hope you're going to enjoy it.

I'm not looking to change the world or bring down governments, but rather, I hope that I can give you a little laugh to brighten your day - all with a little bit of a Jewish slant.  Of course, you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy the strip.  It's all inspired by the world I grew up in, my Jewish family and those I observed.  But I'm sure that for many of the gags our Jewish family could just as easily be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Klingon, or whatever and the same dynamics would exist.

So, with Mishpacha taking a sabbatical from The Jewish News in the not-too-distant future, I thought I'd set up a blog so that fans of the strip can continue to enjoy it.

To give you a taster, here are the first 10 gags.  I'll be adding a new one every week, unless my cartooning commitments stop me.  But I've got quite an archive so we should be fine.

I feel that there should be a drumroll or something....No?  Nothing?  Okay, I'll just get on with it.  Enjoy!

Mishpacha Strip 001

Mishpacha Strip 002

Mishpacha Strip 003

Mishpacha Strip 004

Mishpacha Strip 005

Mishpacha Strip 006

Mishpacha Strip 007

Mishpacha Strip 008

Mishpacha Strip 009

Mishpacha Strip 010

That's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed.  Check back every week for more Mishpacha fun.

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